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Revitalize Your Lawn

Merkle’s mowing offers superior lawn renovation. We will enrich your soil so that your lawn will thrive. Franchise companies will boost excessive nitrogen to promote a fast green lawn, we will provide the foundation to a healthy lawn with natural processes. Your lawn may be established and looking thin and in need of some revitalization or you may have a newly constructed home and need to establish a lawn. Working together we can get you the results you want.  Great results don’t just happen we work with the customer with constant communication about watering and make return trips to check progress, AND to check up on the customer to make sure you keep up your end of the bargain by watering and reducing traffic on the lawn during the process.  Merkle’s Mowing offers Fertilization programs to help to continue to promote a good lawn and we highly recommend using our fertilization services to continue to nourish you lawn. 

We offer a renovation process that will thoroughly aerate the lawn, fill in low spots with topsoil, apply lime if needed, slit seed, fertilize, and the most important step, Topdressing.

Before Renovation After Renovation (April 23rd) Renovation Results (May 22nd)
Topdressing - Before Topsoil - During Topsoil - After
Results in as little as 1 month!
Before (April 29th) After (May 27th)
Soccer Field - Before Soccer Field - After
Soccer Field Before 2 Soccer Field After 2
Pictures are of Renovation Performed by Merkle's Mowing in 2006

AerationTopdressing is very important to the renovation process. It not only amends the soil adding nutrients, it will help to hold moisture and set the seed bed increasing germination rates and decreasing the time  to establish the lawn. 

Topdressing may also be done to healthy lawns to keep them healthy.  Much like you add potting soil to you garden or plants, topdressing will help the soil to breath and add nutrients to the soil. We will first de-thatch, aerate or both services may be needed depending on the lawn. These processes allow the topdressing to penetrate and “mix” in to the soil.  Top dressing benefits the lawn as it builds up the quality of the soil over a period of time, clay soils will drain better thus improving root development. Some soils may need repetitive applications annually or semiannually to achieve the best results.

Another benefit of top dressing the lawn is that it will help to even out any lumps and bumps that are present on an uneven lawn, filling in any small hollows that may develop. Top dressing also stimulates the grass to produce new shoots and so results in denser grass cover which helps combat the onset of weed and moss infestation.

We take pride in our work and go to great lengths to achieve the best results possible. Whether you have a new home and need to seed your new lawn or have an established lawn that is in need of help, we will work with you and achieve the results you want.

  Slit Seeding  
Slit Seeding 01
We PLANT your lawn not just spray it on top of the dirt
Slit Seeding 02
Slit seeding on bare ground
Slit Seeding 03
Athletic Field seeded with slit seed, fertilized and topdressed
Slit seeding is the best way to overseed or seed a new lawn. Using sun and shade seed or Tri Rye seed we can seed or overseed your lawn and get the results you want a new healthy lawn in 4 weeks  Slit Seeding 04 Picture to the left shows the results of athletic field renovations. Aeration, Slit seeding, Fertilization, Topdressing  

Aeration is a great way to enrich your lawn, whether you do the aeration the spring or fall we have a process that will fully aerate your lawn and can then overseed and fertilize to fill in a thinning lawn. Fall is the best time of the year although we can get excellent results with spring planting. Spring planting is more dependant on your fertilization plan.

  • Aeration - For more detailed information please review our our Fall Aeration information.
  • We can also meet your spring renovation needs so contact us early to adapt your fertilization plan.

Here you can see what we do to fully aerate your lawn and what a core aeration “plug” looks like.

After the seed has been planted and fertilized you MUST water the lawn. Sit back and wait for the seeds to germinate. Look closely and see all the abundance of blades of new grass,  proper reseeding rates generate the best results : more seed = more germinated grass = better results!   Don’t forget to water!  We check back on our work to verify the progress of your lawn. We'll know if you are keeping you're end of the bargain.

Merkle's Mowing is an owner operated business, insured and licensed by the PA Department of Agriculture for pesticide application.
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