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Cleanups - These include leaves, brush, power sweeping and scrap removal. We mainly do the bulk of cleanups in the fall. In addition to fall cleanups, other services are done year round and range from tree and shrub removal, storm damage cleanup, and household or building supply scrap removal. If you need something removed from your property or residence, you need only ask.

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The following pictures demonstrate what we can do to renovate you landscape. Shrubs that have not been trimmed or have grown to large for the area occupy can really take over your home and “hide” it. This customer wanted to remove the high and overgrown shrubs to open up the view of their home. The shrubs were rubbing against the side of the house and actually damaging the exterior of the home.

As you can see removing old shrubs can really change the look of your home. Whether you are ready for a change or getting ready to sell your home and want to spruce up the exterior, we can help to make a significant change.

Leaf Clean-Up
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Leaf clean up… need we say more. For many of you fall mean clean up chores… Let us make Fall your favorite time of the year. Leaf cleanup can be a gargantuan task for a homeowner, We have the right equipment to keep leaves at bay and keep your weekends free to enjoy.

Leaf Before Leaf During Leaf After

Brush Clean-Up

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Is you home in a wooded area? Do you need to maintain it? Are the trees creeping in on you and your home or you have decided to do some clearing to increase you lawn size? We have the tools and equipment to make the difference. In this project we cleared out an overgrown wild rose bush and cleared out and removed some trees. We then planted a trio of Pines to work as a visual barrier. The Customer was pleased with the results and we were called back to plant 5 more pines to complete the row.

Power sweeping - When the winter is over and the cinders from the road are encroaching on your lawn, call us to clean it up. We can move the stones out from you grass and get them ready for the street cleaner or we can haul them away for you.

Cleaning out your home
and need something hauled for disposal? Let us know, we can haul metal for recycling, rubbish for disposal, or any items you may not have the means to move on your own.

Merkle's Mowing is an owner operated business, insured and licensed by the PA Department of Agriculture for pesticide application.
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