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Aerate, Over Seed, and Fertilize

As the end of summer is quickly approaching, many people take advantage of early fall as the ideal time of year to renovate their lawns. Lawn aeration, along with over seeding and fertilization, is a very beneficial and cost-effective treatment for your lawn. All of these reasons, combined with others, greatly improve your lawn's overall appearance and vigor.

Reasons to Aerate:

  • Relieves compaction
  • Improves water absorption
  • Increases microbial activity
  • Promotes deep root development
  • Loosens existing thatch
  • Improves fertilization affectivity
  • Click here for more reasons to Aerate!

One-time aeration of your lawn is beneficial; however, annual aeration is recommended. This process provides a cumulative effect and improves the overall health of your lawn. Routine core aeration and over seeding are necessary to maintain the vitality and thickness of your lawn. Core aeration breaks up and loosens soils that have been compacted due to foot traffic, heavy rains, and normal settling that occur with time. I will make several passes over your lawn to ensure complete and thorough aeration of the compacted soils. This allows vital nutrients to get to the root structure of the grasses, thus promoting a stronger more tolerant root system. By "thickening" up your turf, you help to keep weeds out by literally choking them out of your grass. A healthy turf is better able to sustain drought and heavy runoff.

With this service you will have your lawn over seeded. Over seeding at the time of aeration is a great way to thicken up a thin lawn or introduce better grass types to a lawn. Simply spreading grass seed over a lawn will yield poor results. By aerating first, the soil is cultivated, greatly improving the results. The majority of the new grass will grow in the aeration holes. 'Tufts' of new grass will grow out of the holes and then 'tiller-out' and thicken up the lawn and fill in bare spots.

The lawn will also be fertilized to promote seed germination. Without this important step, new seed growth may not sprout prior to the fall frost. Homeowners who commit to watering their lawn after aeration, over seeding, and fertilization services notice greatly improved results as compared to those who do not water their lawn. Because lawn pesticides used in fall treatments will kill seeds not germinated, it is required that fall treatments be delayed.

Pricing for this service is based on your property lawn square footage. I will measure your property to calculate the cost of the aeration, over seeding and fertilization services. If you are already having your lawn fertilized by Merkle’s Mowing, aeration and over seeding is an additional service to the 5-step program but offered at a reduced price.

Whether your soil is compacted or bare with thin areas from the stress of summer heat, your lawn will benefit from aeration, over seeding and fertilization services.

This service will be scheduled in late August, September, and early October.
Contact us now at 610.360.5968 or tom@merkles.biz to reserve your space.


Merkle's Mowing is an owner operated business, insured and licensed by the PA Department of Agriculture for pesticide application.
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